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We are a registered social enterprise based in London, UK. We offer community based,  focused support to individuals, families and communities who are experiencing life difficulties, health problems or mental health problems. We offer talking therapies, community development and social empowerment models to help people feel better, happier and lead fulfilled lives.
We also support family members, carers, friends and organisations who have a supportive role in the lives of people who are experiencing life difficulties, health problems or mental health problems.

We are drawing on the work that our directors have been accumulating over the past 10 years. The service is sensitive to:

  • The core values of human centred approaches
  • Social justice
  • Supporting enterprise and employment
  • Building socially inclusive and empowered communities
  • Culturally and socially adapted techniques
  • Supporting each client make step's forward to regaining control over their lives

We provide individual support, group programmes and workshops focused on different areas incorporating health, mental health and enterprise. We believe that our clients do not fit into our service, but rather we adapt and respond to their individual needs. We value each client and all that they bring. Our programmes and training is underpinned by community development approaches, social empowerment and psychological models. 

We offer training and consultancy from our skilled and experienced team based within different sectors of Health, Mental Health, Enterprise, Community Development, Culture and Diversity and Psychological Therapies.

Vital to our success is the support and partnerships we have. These have added valuable insight and experience to our service and we hope will continue to do so!


Our Values


Community Therapies and Training Service is based on 3 key principles that we like to call 'The 3 C's'

  • Collaborating - on the delivery of quality programmes and projects working together with our clients and other organisations to develop new approaches and evidence based practice
  • Connecting - developing positive relationships with our clients and other organisations. Helping our clients to connect the dots and make sense of their own situation as well as re-connecting with the people around them

Communicating - supporting our clients to communicate often deep rooted issues in a safe environment while accompanying clients in a journey of self-discovery. Sharing information about our services with our clients and other organisations to empower, educate and address the stigma related to experiences of life difficulties

Our Vision


To alleviate the negative impact of life difficulties, health problems and mental health globally and to and create healthy minds for healthy lives.

Our Purpose


To provide accessible community based health, mental health, enterprise support and training empowering people worldwide.

Our Mission


Our social mission is to 'Create Healthy Minds for Healthy Lives'. We want to improve Individuals, Families, Communities and Organisations mental and emotional wellbeing, prevent mental illness and reduce social isolation. In addition to this we also address healthcare inequalities faced disadvantaged communities and people with long term physical health conditions by providing culturally and socially adapted services.

By 2016 we envisage will be a leading provider of services in the areas of emotional wellbeing and mental health. This will help many excluded groups gain access to appropriate services earlier preventing frequent GP visits and Hospital admissions.

We will also reduce Stigma and Discrimination around topics of emotional wellbeing and mental ill health by 2016.

This will lead to community cohesion and the development of community champions who support people within the community with physical health and/or mental health problems.

The people who will benefit from our service are:

  • Individuals with or who have had Physical Health and/or Mental Health Problems     
  • Carers and Families
  • Communities
  • Government (Health, Local Authority etc)
  • Small and Medium Enterprises, Social Enterprises and Charities
  • NHS, Clinical Commissioning groups and Public Health


We will educate our clients as well as ourselves and be an organisation where effectiveness, best practice, fun and compassion are at the centre of all services and products offered.

How to contact us:

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CAN Mezzanine, Old Street

49 - 51 East Road
N1 6AH

E-mail: info@ctts.org.uk


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