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Our one to one support service offers different models of talking therapies. Our staff adapt between different approaches to support individuals in the best way for them. All our approaches are based on developing trust and good relationships with our clients. All our services support people from different cultures and can offer specific culturally adapted support for Black, Asian and Migrant Communities.


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Below is a brief outline of some of the approaches we use.



Coaching is an outcome focused approach which focuses on problem solving and helps people come up with a fresh perspective on questions and difficulties rather than focusing on problems.

·      Life coaching is focused on creating goals and emphasises the importance of ‘the here and now.’

·    Narrative coaching is based on understanding people’s problems and listening to people stories. The coach will support people to re-author theirs stories by developing and constructing a new narrative.



Counselling creates a safe space for people to share emotional or relationship problems. It allows people the time to explore the difficulties and pressures they face in depth. The focus may be on how past experiences link with current problems. Counsellors usually do not give advice, they support you find your own insight and understanding of your problems.



Mentoring is a space where a mentor can share their personal skills, knowledge and experience to enable their mentee to explore their personal and/or professional situation. The relationship should enable the mentee to gain skills, knowledge and confidence within the area of focus. The relationship is a two way process and aims to result in achieving agreed goals and objectives.


Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy or CBT supports people to focus on their thoughts and behaviour and understand how they are linked with the problems they are facing. It supports people to develop practical skills to manage problems like panic, low mood and anxiety.



Psychotherapy supports people to explore how early and childhood experiences link with the current problems they face. Psychotherapy can include the use of art, movement, music, drama or narrative approaches to support people to express how they are feeling. This may be focused on specific historical, emotional and/or cultural experiences. The therapist will support you to develop skills to tolerate and manage painful emotions and feelings, improve behaviour and/or manage relationships in a different way.

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